Problem conky and not appearing on the desktop

I’ve been really involved with this conky for a long time and unfortunately I can’t solve this problem!
I installed the following programs:
Conky 1.11.6-1
Conky Manager 2.4-4
Inside my conky manager, the widgets I select are not displayed on the desktop screen. What do you think I should do to solve this problem? Unfortunately, everything I do is not correct.
Thank you for your help

I found the problem myself.
Move the lua.convert file to the .conky path:
cp /usr/share/doc/conky-1.11.5_pre/convert.lua ~/.conky
cp /usr/share/doc/conky-1.11.6_pre/convert.lua ~/.conky
And then the widgets that you want to install you have to do with convert.lua
With the following command:
./convert.lua namewidget
Instead of namewidget you should replace the widget file name.
And then run conky with the following command:
conky -c namewidget

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