Problem building wxpython 2.8 and mmass

Hello everybody,
for a project in University i “need” the programm MMass, which has a build script in the AUR. My Problem is that the dependency wxpython 2.8 fails to build, and i therefore can’t build mmass. Provided are the last few lines of the building process

In file included from /usr/include/wx-2.8/wx/wx.h:15,
                 from include/wx/wxPython/wxPython_int.h:19,
                 from src/gtk/_core_wrap.cpp:2713:
/usr/include/wx-2.8/wx/utils.h:578:37: note: declared here
  578 |     WXDLLEXPORT wxAcceleratorEntry *wxGetAccelFromString(const wxString& label)
      |                                     ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/usr/include/wx-2.8/wx/defs.h:513:29: note: in definition of macro ‘wxDEPRECATED’
  513 |     #define wxDEPRECATED(x) x __attribute__ ((deprecated))
      |                             ^
cc1plus: some warnings being treated as errors
error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

maybe someone has an idea, i’m pretty clueless to building errors if there is no clear error message to search :expressionless:

tia to everybody, wish you a good evening

mMass hasn’t had a release since 2013 and the AUR package has no maintainer. Fedora and Ubuntu dropped it years ago as well.

Perhaps install Debian 10 in a VM, there’s a package available.

Just out of curiosity I tried the Windows version with Wine. Seems to work but I have no idea beyond just opening it and poking around a bit.

Yeah i know, but i don’t know any other free programm that provides Mass Spectrum analysis on this level, and was also what was used for demonstration purposes. So, while it may be not in active development any more, it still has relevance.

Yeah my next guess would be to try through wine, but that seems just so dumb knowing there’s a linux variant…

Edit: oh so also i tried through wine real quick and the function that i desperately need “mass to formula” doesn’t work :((((