Problem accessing PHP pages with XAMPP

I just switched from windows to manjaro today. I downloaded and launched XAMPP sucessfully. I started the servers and localhost/ showed all my folders properly. However when i try to access one php project i get an HTTP 500 error. This project was shown properly in XAMPP on my windows. I try accessing another php project and it worked fine.

It is just a configuration of your PHP that is different. Probably a PHP module is not enabled.
You’ll need to set up “PHP error_reporting” so you can get useful errors on your development system.

Create this file phpinfo.php & visit it on your win server & linux server - you can compare the setups.


I think its working, you just need to do some server admin :nerd_face:
Not really a Manjaro question, but good luck! Here is a useful link to get the errors showing up -

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