Problem about using external image hosting

Every time I post an image from an external source, the forum automatically decides to self host my external images.

I use external image hosting services for a reason. I want my images to stay (you may argue that Manjaro is more reliable than an image hosting service, to which I would say ‘lol’).
You may not like what I will write, but I know three different Manjaro forums (there might have been four I don’t know), from which I have been a member of the last two. Previous forum migration we lost everything in the tutorials/guide threads, all images gone. The forum to me is not a reliable hosting solution for images in the long run.

I would like admins to disable this feature.

I think if people want to host their images on Manjaro forum, they will do it.
Also it has been said (can’t remember exact posts) that we should not host large files and things like that on the forum because it previously broke because of that, so why do you force external images to become self hosted on the forum?
It adds an unneeded stress on the server, takes hard drive space for no reason, forces edits in posts I didn’t edit (and then I wonder “Why TF is my post edited again?!!”), and also is annoying as it forces me to reupload my images because I can’t find my original links if I didn’t log into my accounts to upload the images, the day I want to share the images elsewhere and can’t find my original links in my posts here.

Aren’t the images you link from external, just having their thumbnails hosted on Manjaro forum?

No. Check this message Why are htop and system monitor showing different memory usages - #11 by omano

And check this message being modified automatically later too.

And… it’s done, System has saved external images locally and edited my post. :point_up:

Ho yeah also one annoying things, my PNG with transparent background and shadows around window I’m taking screenshot of, get converted to JPEG, I let you imagine the massacre.

//EDIT: I would check also the forum drive space, as since last year, I guess ALL images posted on the forum got grabbed, and saved by the forum. That would be a shame to have the same problem as last summer for overlooking a forum setting… I mean at the end of the day you do as you think is best, I will (or will not) continue to be annoyed with that and life will go on. But I’m not sure the forum benefits from stocking all images it can find in posts.

You know exactly what you’re doing, but most people don’t and they use stuff like IMGUR (which needs scripts and cookies to function), sites that post ads around a screenshot for everyone except the poster, sites that disappear and are changed to landing pages for malware, …

So to be convenient to the people who don’t know what they’re doing, we have to inconvenience some people who do know what they’re doing. I.E. You’re only the second person to bring this up in the last year…

So we’re sorry, and I’ve had the same thing happen to me too, but I’ve found GIF transparency to work here last time I needed that…


P.S. And if you really, really want to use an external site, you can always post a link to a picture on another site.

Whatever, just don’t blame users for posting too much, too big, images that break the forum the day it may happen (like previous forum breakage). As said do as you want.