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Ok guy I honestly find it creepy that google collects all this information about me , its like a guy coming into your house taking pics of everything and then keeping it then he follows you around like a stalker - Google in a nutshell
Any email service I can use that totally private and reliable ? that wont stalk me ?


My favorites:

E2E encryption can be done additionally also with Mailvelope for example.

But you have to pay for them, since they don’t make money with your data and it has not greatest user experience if you are used to use Gmail, but they are privacy orientated. Figure yourself what you need :wink:

Side note: Gmail has a good user experience because they use the collected data also to improve their services. Privacy oriented service have to relay on other sources to improve usability, like user feedback.


Linode offers one-click apps and guides. So you can create your own email provider …

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I second the recommendation for… I’ve been using it for about two years myself.

Else there is also, which needs a separate client, as it is encrypted …


You should look here:

I am a fan of

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Can’t believe that I first heard about tutanota here… but well the huge deal breaker is the non-existing import function for mails. So I can automatically forward new mails on my old mail-server, but cannot import existing mails. Maybe this will change soon. Then the provider will be on my favorite list also.

Posteo user for more than 4 years here.

Nice :+1:

I am a Posteo User since 2014 (7 years) :wink: Still stable and reliable.

I have been my own provider since 1997-04-04 :slight_smile:

I think you may have more than email to deal with to get rid of those digital stalkers.
Google reads a lot like go ogle to me. Ogling is pretty scary, especially when it’s unwanted.

I use my domain name e-mails, but the cost may be similar to another service when you add the cost of a server/web host, but at least you have more control over that server.