Privacy Concerns About Manjaro

MxLinux is able to remove KUserFeedback. Why not Manjaro do that too? I mean, it says it doesnt send any data to anybody on the website.

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Also … you can do what you want anyways. man pacman

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so you are telling me it collects data but dont send it?

If you can even call something like above ‘data’ in any meaningful sense … yes.
Unless you select ‘send telemetry data’ in KDE System Settings … those few files are created with lines like those, but they never go anywhere … nothing is sent to manjaro or kde.


oh that’s a relief. thank you so much. you solved my problem again. you are the best <3

By default Arch (and therefor manjaro) does have a ping related to checking network connectivity.
Its is here: /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/20-connectivity.conf
You may comment out the lines and/or leave uri blank, which is what I have done:


But again, it is a simple ping … no data is collected.
(besides possible server logs of the ping being intercepted/responded … I havent investigated)

Cheers. :slight_smile:

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Lets be honest here if you have the features turned off they shouldn’t even be collecting data even if it’s not going to be sent anywhere. The fact that it may be collecting data ready is still a issue of concern.

Not really. Please see above … those files are so benign I cant really care.

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