Printing multiple copies: each copy is a new job


I am using Manjaro 4.20.3 and am printing from LibreOffice Writer to a LaserJet 2200 using the HP_Laserjet_2200.ppd

The problem is that when I print multiple copies each copy goes to the printer as a separate job. How do I get the computer to send the data once and tell the printer how many copies of it to print?


It seems that this is a LibreOffice problem that is fixed in LibreOffice 6.2, which is not yet available for Manjaro.


Libreoffice (fresh) 6.2.0 is available on the testing branch since three days ago. You could switch or wait (maybe a few days to a week) for it to reach stable. :smiley:


Now I have LO 6.2.0, and multiple copies are sent as one job.