Printer prints one page

When I try to print, usually I can print only one page. For example, I choose greyscale and change quality, print one page, choose the same settings for another image but it doesn’t print, status says ‘printing page’ and some percentage. Now I tried to print a text file, but it doesn’t print at all, says ‘pending’, then changes to ‘printing page’. Some time ago when printing text, it just took a sheet and printed nothing (might it have something to do with font used?). Cancelling and trying again doesn’t help. Printer’s light doesn’t blink, but starts blinking when I try to turn off the printer - it never turns off and I have to pull the cord. The printer is very old however, Canon Pixma ip4000, but it works good with Windows. I use KDE.

How do you setup the printer ?
CUPS or different ?

I don’t quite remember, I looked at system settings, it says ‘[printer name] - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.3.4 Simplified’, should I check somewhere else? If I go to ‘Manage printing (CUPS web interface)’ from applications it says it can’t connect. I also have system-config-printer, cups-print-to-programme, gutenprint, print-manager installed.