Printer installed, Working queue is not executed

Hi all,
i installed Manjaro Linux for the first time. It is another try to switch from Windows to Linux, but as usual, i am facing some problems.

I have installed CUPS and installed my Canon TS6350 as a network printer. It is found via CUPS web interface and also via Printer-Install-App.

The printer is available, but when i print something it remains in the printer queue and nothing happens. Anybody an idea what to do? Thanks

Have you enabled the cups background services ?

how to check this? lpstat something?

Have a look here: Printing - Manjaro

try install GitHub - OpenPrinting/system-config-printer: Graphical user interface for CUPS administration
and then add printer again via this

I think I am one step further now.
Re-installed it all. Get the message /usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertocanonij" not available. no such file…

how to get this one?

installed all the filters from AUR. But now I have the same problem like before. Also again re-installed the printer. Printer is displayed, but printing is not working CUPS states: “Der Drucker existiert nicht oder ist zur Zeit nicht verfügbar.” Printer not existing or not available"

Take a look at these. They may be of some help in getting your network printer operating. Does it work directly connected to a computer?

Now I installed and started Avahi ( mdns_minimal were like in the tutorial), disabled systemd-resolved, also disabled the firewall
Then I have deleted the printer and re-installed it via cups-web-interface.
(i am not a linux-computer guy and felt like a hacker)

same problem.

The printer works from other (windows, Android) Devices as a network printer … I have an old lubuntu netbook and will try to install it from there, maybe it can help? … getting frustrated … thinking about not re-using this former win-notebook :frowning:

hi. was also not able to install it in my lubuntu machine. looks like the drivers are found and properly installed, but the printer is then not found in the network, thats why it is stuck. I unswuccsellfully tried to find out the ip of the printer to ping it… is this idea realistic?

ok, the problem is, that the printers hostname is not resolved to the ip of the printer and thats why the printer is not responding. now i must only change this. please help:

I now resolved this issue on my own.

I gave to the printer a static IP-Adress. Removed the installed printer from manjaro, installed again: Now it found 3 different network printer from the same type. I have choosen the one with the static IP-Adress.

Now it prints.
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