Print topic ?

Before I ask this, I'm aware I can just print the page or higlight it and copy it to an office program and print.
However, I'd love if there was a way to print a post. This would be especially handy for the tutorials section. I'd really enjoy a simple ways to print out a tutorial.
Even exporting to PDF would work too.

I dug around a little and found only a couple of mentions for Discourse plugins that do this.

Though I'm unsure if that would allow a single post to be printed or if you just get the whole thing.

I hope this option isn't already implemented and I'm just a blind dork and missed it. :wink:


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there already is something available. hit control p and it doesn't just bring up your print dialog, it opens the topic in a new tab formatted for printing. from there you can use a pdf printer if you have one.

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For me in a new window, but that's potatoes - potatoes


I've done that before but for whatever reason I never noticed the new tab pop up. It pops up behind firefox. All I see if the print dialog.
I see it now.
Sadly though, it's the whole topic. I'd really like the option to print just one post easily. might not be doable though. I might just have to do it the complicated way. :grin:
Thanks for the reply! :wink:

Why not just select the part you want to print and print it?

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