Print Settings no longer available, why?

Hi guys,

I have used Manjaro 3 years old and as everything was configured and working I didn’t update the system.

However, I had to reinstall system.

After the new fresh install of Manjaro, I have configured my HP printer/scanner and it works, but I’m confused that I don’t see “Print Settings” in XFCE neither a print icon in panel bottom/right?

Anyone knows why is that?


Hello @mladen.adamovic :wink:

Do you mean this package?

pamac install system-config-printer

It is a optional dependency of:

$ LANG=C pamac info manjaro-printer
Name                  : manjaro-printer
Version               : 20200215-2
Description           : Manjaro Printer support (Meta-PKG)
URL                   :
Licenses              : GPL
Repository            : extra
Installed Size        : 792 bytes
Depends On            : cups cups-pdf cups-pk-helper ghostscript gsfonts gutenprint hplip foomatic-db foomatic-db-gutenprint-ppds python-gobject python-pyqt5
                        python-pysmbc python-reportlab splix colord-sane
Optional Dependencies : system-config-printer: A gtk cups printer configuration tool and status applet [Installed]
                        print-manager: A kde tool for managing print jobs and printers
                        xsane: gtk2 frontend for scanner
                        simple-scan: gtk3 frontend for scanner
                        skanlite: Image Scanning Application for KDE
Packager              : Bernhard Landauer <>
Build Date            : 15.02.2020
Signatures            : Yes

I’ve just installed a fresh 21.1.1 and I noted that system-config-printer is not installed by default (manjaro-printer is installed, but to be honest I don’t understand how to launch that, I guess it’s just a metapackage). Without system-config-printer printers are not installed by default (e.g., just connect a USB printer or connect to a network where a printer is available), moreover, using the standard Gnome Printers settings dialog always fails to add a new printer manually…