Print screen key stopped working (but only when a right-click menu is open)

Something just broke with a system-wide update and now printscreen does exactly nothing if a right-click menu is open.

Any suggestions?

I’m on Manjaro version: 21.2.1 and kernel 5.10.89-1

this is a normal behaviour in xfce and no shortcuts work if context menu is active. a workaround would be to use delay of 5 seconds to take the screenshot:

xfce4-screenshooter -r -d 5

refer here

No. this is not normal behavior in my experience.

There should be a way to take a “fullscreen screenshot” while a rightclick menu is open. It used to work fine.

It is usual behaviour that xfce4-screenshooter cannot be be launched from keyboard whilst there is an active menu
Option Delay before capturing will allow user time to open a menu after requesting screenshot
apps:xfce4-screenshooter:usage [Xfce Docs]