primus_vk>=1.3-1 update requires manual intervention

Looks like this might be coming down the pipe.


I wonder if the proposed command is correct, as <glob> in --overwrite was supposed to not have a leading slash for root directory.

pacman -Syu --overwrite=/usr/lib/,/usr/lib/

Maybe this?

pacman -Syu --overwrite usr/lib/,usr/lib/

The brave guys in unstable will confirm and inform us (to advance our knowledge...:wink: )

I just tested this with another package and provoked an existing-file-conflict: both commands have the same result and do overwrite the conflicting file.

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It worked fine yesterday morning when I updated. It's good to read the Arch homepage prior to any updating (in Arch). Avoids surprises. :slight_smile:

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