PRIME only shows output on external display


Followed this guide and ended up being able to use only external monitor. Any ideas why? When I enter TTY2, I get it on laptop screen so I can fix this from there I guess. Or was this the desired outcome?

[HowTo] Set up PRIME with NVIDIA proprietary driver

This may mean the internal output isn’t directly accessible to the dGPU. (Did I mention that NVIDIA’s Linux Optimus support is a complete mess?).

If so, you’ll have to set up “Reverse PRIME”:

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Laptop stuck on black screen - probably GPU issues

I will have to revert the settings for now because I don’t have much time to mingle with the luxury of having two displays :smile: Is following the steps back in your guide enough to revert back?


It should be. I haven’t tested that but I think others have managed to revert.

Oh, before you do, make sure you check your display configuration within the DE. When you switch to a different driver you may need to reconfigure the outputs (e.g. “enable” the internal display):


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Hi all,
I read [HowTo] Set up PRIME with NVIDIA proprietary driver and i am a little confused.

On my actual laptop (18.0.1 with Gnome) i am using bumblebee. If i connect a hmi cable to my laptop, i have my main screen on the laptop and an extended screen on my tv.
i am able to run everything i want and move it from one screen to the other. This is all done with the integrated intel graphics card. The performance is okay for browsing and full hd youtube and netflix.

If i want to play a game with my nvidia card i start my game with primusrun
e.g. primusrun glxgears -v
(The -v parameters tells me that i am using the nvidia grapics card.)

So i dont understand why i should use optimus-manager. I never changed anything, it is a fresh install.



Neither do I!!
You don’t change players in a winning team!
Options are for those who have hardware combinations that don’t behave, not for everyone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


use ixni --recommends
and install all missing video pkgs


How will that help?


I had monitor compatibility problems, in my case, I lacked 2 pkgs that I could only check by running the command


Interesting. What was missing, and how did they help?

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