Preparing to update dual boot machine to Windows 11

I dual boot Manjaro and Windows 10 from UEFI with SecureBoot disabled. I would like to “upgrade in place” Win10 to Win11 but only if I can be assured that it won’t overwrite UEFI and lock me out of my linux box. I have read conflicting information online:

  1. Some posters recommend renaming Microsoft’s bootloader (EFI/Microsoft) to prevent Windows from finding and amending its own entry,
  2. Others say that UEFI is unaffected by the “old” problem of BIOS overwrite that used to afflict dual booting because many bootloaders can now coexist

Has anybody completed this upgrade (using UEFI not BIOS/MBR) and what was your experience?

Hello @anydroid :wink:

Maybe this is interessting for you: Preserve Manjaro Bootloader - Manjaro

In fact, the windows installer/setup is still configured for being the only OS on your computer. It does not respect other OS’s, which is commonly Linux.

After Upgrading you might need to reinstall grub and recreate the efi entry. That depends fully on the UEFI firmware when you have to do this or when not.

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