Preparing for a hardware update

I'm going to be upgrading my CPU (Ryzen 3700x) & motherboard (MSI MEG ACE) and want to make my transition as smooth as possible and be up and running ASAP. This is the first time I've done something like this on Linux. What else could I add to this list?

  • Have bootable Manjaro drive with latest ISO
  • Back up home folder, copy back over to home partition once install is complete
  • Backup list of explicitly & AUR installed packages
  • Save my fstab

Also, should I assume my externally saved Timeshift snapshots are no longer valid and just delete them?

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If you are switching from an Intel platform, there might be some small hiccups on the way. Make sure you have amd-ucode installed prior to switch.

Don't think that will help as the UUID will be different ...


You can just plug the drive and boot no need to reinstall :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agreed from my own experience. I moved from a Core 2 Duo to a Ryzen 2600 and did this with Manjaro XFCE. Plug and boot.

I love how you can swap hardware so easily on linux, one of my installation has been trough 4 different configuration with no issue at all, only had to reconfigure games :yum: that's thanks to the drivers being in the kernel i guess


That's excellent news! Didn't realize Linux would make it that easy.

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Just upgrading from 1st to 3rd gen Ryzen, fortunately.

So even keeping the same drives will change the UUID? Was just hoping to cut down on the post upgrade work.

Keeping the drive will preserve the UUIDs.

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Good to know, but now knowing I won't have to reinstall makes my life much simpler lol.

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