Precisely what is tick_sched_timer and why is it using a lot of battery?

It’s consuming several times more battery than every other process in powertop, and I just want to know what it is so I can turn it off. A search yields nothing both here and on Google, though some suggest it could be NVidia.

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tick_sched_timer is part of the cpu scheduler and usually means you have lots of context switches and cpu wake-ups. more details (publication in reddit)

I see, it looks like the drain from tick_sched_timer is just powertop itself skewing the data. Any general tips on conserving battery power? In kernel 5.8 I could get almost 10 hours on a light workload, now 3 hours is pushing it. I’m not sure why this is.

You can stop the baloo indexer since it is constantly checking what we have on our PC and what we have added, also if Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are unnecessarily activated since they are constantly looking for devices with which to interact …

Disabled both baloo and bluetooth already, no dice.

Same problem here on Dell XPS 15, power consumption was nice until the last manjaro upgrade.
Now I’ve only 2 to 3 hours working time and the fan is running almost the whole time.
Especially running chromium on different website is producing a higher workload. But even when I’m doing nothing the system drains more battery capacity than ever before.

After manually upgrading the video driver from video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-440xx-prime to video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-550xx-prime (with having troubles deinstalling the old driver) the power consumption reduced from about 20/23 watt to 3/5 watt :sweat_smile:

This link helped me a lot: Selecting or installing mhwd driver profile blocked by package