Pre-install manjaro on an SD card for Raspberry Pi 4

I would like to pre-install manjaro on Raspberry pi 4. I don't have a keyboard to connect to the raspberry pi, so I would like to install manjaro and enable ssh by default so that I can use my laptop to control my Raspberry pi. How can I do that?

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You use the Manjaro ARM Installer, which can be installed from the Manjaro repo.

This will install a fully set up Manjaro ARM directly onto an SD card.

I already have the Manjaro ARM OS downloaded. Can i use this image? When I looked at the Manjaro ARM Installer it obtains an image from the internet right?

It does not use a finished image. It uses a minimal base rootfs and builds it up from there.

This thread says that the latest Manjaro ARM 19.10 has headless setup configured. So will ssh work, if I have my raspberry pi connected via Ethernet?

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It will. :slight_smile:
So you put in the SD card, connect ethernet and power, boot up the rpi4. Find out what IP it got from your router and ssh into the rpi4 with ssh root@<ip>.

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I am using putty and how can I find the IP address of the Raspberry pi? When I tried ipconfig on my windows machine I got a autoconfiguration ipv4 address, as subnet mask and no gateway address. So how can I find the IP address of RPI with namp or advanced IP scanner? I do not have a router. I have connected it to my laptop ethernet port.

That won't work.
The RPI4 needs a DHCP server to get an IP. And a device to device will need a crossover cable to even work right.

I guess you can either install a DHCP service on your laptop as @Strit says, or configure a static IP address on your Pi and Laptop.

You could try this (not sure if it will work with manjaro though, edit the file on your sd card)

Normally yes, but nowadays most Ethernet adapters are able to figure it out and work with a normal patch cable as well.

Seems like DHCP is enabled in my Ethernet, but will try the above method and see if I can edit the dhcpcd.conf file.

Since I don't have a router my gateway address is In dhcpcd.conf file you have to set static routers="gateway address". Now what can I do? I don't think it is possible.

DHCP client, yes. You need a DHCP server. Something like this:

Well, there is no gateway.
You can probably just do it like this:


interface eth0
static ip_address=

Also give your notebook ethernet adapter a static IP address of
(note that you have to change it back to dhcp when connecting to other networks)

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