Power options query

I’m new to Manjaro and Xfce (just started using both in the last week) although not a newbie with Mint and Cinnamon.

I have a small problem in Xfce with the settings in Power Manager.:

  • Looking under the Display</.kbd> tab there are 2 settings that concern me:

    • ‘Blank after’.
    • ‘Put to sleep after’. . . .
  • If I enter ‘10 minutes’ for the former, then after that period of inactivity the screen blanks out, which is fine. However, if I enter say 15 minutes for ‘Sleep’ or any period for that matter, the computer never goes into Sleep.

In the end the only way I can get that to work correctly is to hit the ‘System’ tab and enter a period for ‘Suspend’ after inactivity. Then it works as required.

So what is the purpose of ‘Put To Sleep’ under the ‘Display’ tab?

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That option is to put the display to Sleep, not the system. (You are in the “Display” tab)

Go to the “System” tab, change “When inactive for” to the period you like. there…