Potential concern for repo.ialab.dsu.edu mirror

I tend to use .edu mirror’s since I tend to trust them more for arbitrary reasons but out of curiosity I decided to check out the Dsu.edu website and I noticed their mascot was named Trojan. Now idk if this is just me being paranoid but I’m new to Linux in general so I was wondering if this is an ok mirror to use or if I should change to another one. If it means anything, I had a few update errors when I installed Manjaro for the first time a week ago and used that mirror for updating all the software.

Short answer - yes you’re being paranoid.

Plenty of schools and teams use Trojans as a mascot or as part of their sports team name.

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The thing is, you don’t even need to trust them: Packages are signed and with the default pacman config those signatures are being checked prior to package installation (I assume that’s valid for pamac as well).

If there’s packages that have been tampered with, you’d get an error during installation / update. So if you are not blindly importing and trusting arbitrary PGP keys at that point, you’re safe :wink: