posting screenshot as Animated GIF: Blurry

So I just answered a question and created a screen grab on how to perform the task in a 1.2MB animated GIF 1200*850 pixels, 256 colours only to not overload the server storage.

and what comes out is this:

a 50x35 thumbnail that I tried to enlarge to 10* its size by directly manipulating the resolution in the text by modifying:

! [Window_Positions|50x35, 100%] (upload://yYzaCNPLMkXQenDrDMyGOIuYch7.gif)
! [Window_Positions|500x350, 100%] (upload://yYzaCNPLMkXQenDrDMyGOIuYch7.gif)

and out comes this:


How do I get the full resolution without the blurring???

FYI: this only happens sometimes (I've been able to post animated screen grabs before)

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While images can be enlightening - we should try to avoid them - as they are not searchable and not everyone are fond of the distraction image creates - distractions from the question it self.

If an image is unavoidable - then at least it should be encapsulated in a summary caption

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  1. As per the original: it uses both text and animated GIF (As OP is using XFCE and I'm demonstrating KDE, a screen grab is unavoidable to explain to OP)

  2. Nope, doesn't change a thing:

As @linux-aarhus told me to do


:sob: :upside_down_face: :sob:

(good tip though for once I do get it working) :+1:

You can always use
And you paste here the Direct link, It can be hidden too, as pointed out above.

So, it would show like this

The disadvantage is indeed that without an account, the image will be not available in about a month or so. Also it depends what you use to capture the GIF. I use peek.



testing here



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