PostgreSQL ./. MANJARO Stable Update 2022-05-13

I’m running a PostgreSQL-database and figured, that the update 2022-05-13 is going to move from postgres 13 to 14.
As this will be my first PostgreSQL-Upgrade with MANJARO:

  • Would I be able to use my database (Version 13) after running the upgrade 2022-05-12 but in advance to pg_upgrade?
  • What should I consider, as I’m using an user-defined datadir
    and would change it for the future to
  • Any additional recommendations?
    I’d appreciate any advice! Thank you, Michael
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Hi @MaMicha ,
This was my first postgres database upgrade too. The instructions that are given in the docs are quite easy.
Though I am not that good with advice. The question you asked need to be answered by someone professional.
Also, I created a dump file of every database in My system and then deleted all databases, enabled Postgres service using systemd, retarted the system. imported all the dumps again.

Thank you @garvitjoshi9!

Finally I did the same but for next time I’d really appreciate, if someone could advice me to run pg_upgrade and pg_upgrade --check with an user defined data-directory.