Postgresql ERROR: could not open file "/tmp/control.csv"

For decades I’ve had this xpnsqt OpenSource project. Doesn’t matter if it was Ubuntu, OpenSuSE, Mint, whatever. I installed PostgreSQL, and ran my shell script to create all of the tax year databases then import the CSV files. Bada-bing bada-boom, all of my expense records going back to the beginning of time loaded into PostgreSQL and I was all set to enter information for the current tax year.

No love on Manjaro

It appears Manjaro has somehow barred Postgres from accessing /tmp. I can change permissions until I’m blue in the face and PostgreSQL cannot find them. This even works out of the box on Fedora33.

Can someone look into this bug as to why PostgreSQL server cannot access /tmp.

No, the \copy option does not work.


Has anyone looked into why PostgreSQL cannot access /tmp?

Well I tracked down the bug and you can read about it here:

It is not a bug - it is a feature - :grin: and Arch or Manjaro is not Ubuntu, Gentoo or Debian.

Expecting one GNU system to equal another will most likely make your efforts to rule that system fail.