Postgres Admin creating problem

Hello, can anyone please tell me that when Postgres admin will going to publish to the latest version? or when the bug in the current Pgadmin will going to fix?
seriously facing issues ,
a work which can be done in just few clicks , there i have to write down hours of sql quary.
Although this is slow but i like also that way to write codes and quarries but there will have to be an option right?
that’s why it’s linux where options = sea.
you know what i mean?
please admin or maintainer of the PGadmin fix issues or publish latest version of pgadmin.

Half year from flagged as out-of-date… Probably forgotten or abandoned by maintainer

But you have oficial alternarives: Docker container and PyPi package.

In case you want to go the fast route, have you considered using a different tool? I’m using DBeaver and it does the job great for all the SQL&NoSQL needs. You can find it in the official repo, just:

sudo pacman -S dbeaver

No i did not but i will as you says.
well can you please tell me a way to install apache cassendra?
except any type of 3rd party package manager things

Yes it’s very unfortunate .
I hope they just publish a new version soon.
can you please tell me a way to install apache cassendra?

one subject == one question :wink:
why not found in internet / aur ?


I tried but there seems no reference how can i install apache cassendra in manjaro or any arch based computer . if you know please let me know

I think @papajoke means that if you can’t find a thread that references your new question that you CREATE that thread with your question. The people here are super willing to help you out, but the forums need to stay as organized as possible, so when a new question is asked that’s not related to the original question, you’ll be encouraged to start a NEW thread, that’s all.

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why not follow my wiki link…

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Thank you.

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