Possible to switch DEs from login?

I have recently found out that in AcroLinux it’s possible to have for example i3 and KDE both installed and you can switch between the two from the login screen. Is this possible in Manjaro?

Most display managers will automatically detect desktop environments/window managers, and offer a list to choose from on login.

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Thanks. I’m waiting for an rsync process to finish at the moment but as soon as that’s done I’ll install i3 and give it a shot.

Edit: Finally tried it to today but it didn’t work. To future readers do not this. The login manager that comes with kde doesn’t handle it well. My comp hit an error trying to get into i3 and I had to reboot to go back to kde.

You failed to mention what error. Maybe it’s just missing something…

It should work fine, I’ve done I3 and KDE before.