Possible issue with update

Hello manjaro community,
just tried to update the system with pamac and got the following:

Warning: installing nvidia-utils (465.31-1) breaks dependency ‘nvidia-utils=460.73.01’ required by linux59-nvidia
Add linux59-nvidia to remove

Can anyone advise what to do in order not to break anything?

Unless you use a real time kernel, linux 5.9 is deprecated. You should change your kernel to 5.10.

Thanks a lot for the reply. I am running 5.12.8-1 so that can’t be it.

Then what are the nvidia modules meant for kernel 5.9 doing there? Uninstall linux59-nvidia then.

Do you still have kernel 5.9 installed even though you aren’t running it? If you have you need to remove it

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Thanks a lot, that was it: the 5.9 kernel was still installed. After removing it the update went through without warning message.

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