Possible incorrect link to Openbox Download

I wanted to try out the much talked about Manjaro Openbox. When I went to the website the official community edition link is to manjaro-openbox-18.0.2-2018520-stable-x86_64.iso thinking that was weird I checked Osdn and found this.

Wasn't sure if this was an oversight or not.
Thought I'd let someone know. :grin:

The OpenBox webpage probably just haven't been updated with the newer ISO.


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Ok. I do not maintain the web but I do think that when an update is appropriate it will be when it is a build for 18.1.

So I think we should just wait - and in the mean time the link to the general Openbox folder is


Pick the version with the highest number.

And I am biased :laughing: - after all it is my favorite.

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Ok. Makes sense. I'm sure it's a process updating the website. :smiley:

After playing with it for a few hours... I see why. It's fantastic. I tried i3 and Awesome before but was meh about them. It feels like I don't have enough fingers or maybe my brain just can't collate how the windows work. Openbox though is slick and fast! :rocket:

Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to 18.1 :partying_face:

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