Possible gnome dash-to-dock enhancements



i wonder why discord would censor the word “b-e-s-t” :thinking:

i think this ubuntu spin would fit you like a glove, check it out.

i dont know which is worse, you being a troll or you not being a troll? only the former worries me.

ever hear the saying “I dont swim in your toilet, so dont piss in my pool” ?

how often do you see manjaro users popping on the ubuntu forums to troll and say dumb/ignorant crap.
any ubuntu users trying to turn ubuntu into manjaro? no, why would you? use manjaro :bulb:

we have a bunch of available desktop environments, unity is not one of them. use ubuntu. :bulb:


Doesn’t fix the fact that the arch Linux packager is better…

Apt cannot build code from the aur sadly

There is still hope that we can make it work I just really came here to see if you could give help to improve my current trys


build? i can just barely install things.

should manjaro also possibly ditch AUR access? pacman? hell, why not make snaps a requirement too? so many great ideas, we should get right on this.

hope for this one, there is not.

if that were true you would of asked for help installing a dash to dock instead of spewing verbal diarrhea all over the place.


I mean tbh I like my current manjaro setup but am trying to make the little things work but I don’t know how

Sorry everyone says stupid stuff ya know but I sill hope some day I can start back on manjaro again when things improve and the gnome project fully gets some of these features full working but thanks for the imput I should know better than to be a butthole…


then learn instead of requesting the developers amend the way the entire distribution is based to fit your particular needs.

if you don’t know how to do something, look it up on the internet and if still stuck then come and ask here.

you’d have got a much better and more welcoming response from the user community if you had done that rather than start with ‘you should do this because…’


I wrote 5 different texts defending manjaro, bashing ubuntu, insulting certain people’s intelligence, reporting my personal experience with manjaro and ubuntu but I deleted them all because… at the end, it doesn’t matter.

Anybody with a two finger sized forehead that reads this thread will know what is going on here.

Not worth my time.


This thread isn’t a Feature Request.

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