Possible gnome dash-to-dock enhancements



possible dash-to-dock progress bars for programs like browser downloads and nautilus file copy pacman updates and badge icons for messaging apps like Discord Email Telegram and as seen in this gnome picture.

Screenshot%20from%202019-02-11%2023-42-06 Screenshot%20from%202019-02-12%2017-03-26


Mo’ bettah you talk to the Shell extension author. This kinda stuff is out of Manjaro’s (or any other Linux distribution) hands.



ok well at least I tried


I’m serious–talk to the author.


I have already it seems to be some kind of thing to do with the dbus and the dock


the distro needs the launcher api that is mentioned by the author in the dash-to-dock if implemented on manjaro it will work https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/LauncherAPI


No it doesnt. That screenshot you just shared says exactly the opposite.
But if you want libunity … its in the aur.

But wouldnt libappindicator-gtk3 work … ?


I have most of the canonical stuff installed. I’ve tried every thing on my end the screenshot is ubuntu


Also I’m backing up manjaro it appears I’m going to use Ubuntu again atm


I even ported installed Ubuntu’s dbus from bionic lib unity, all the Atlanta project stuff as much as I could even used some pkgbuilds from the unity for arch repo on github


Sounds like you are on a mission to break your install :sweat_smile:


Naw I’ve been very careful this install is at least 5 months old


I have noticed that manjaro got extremely stable after building and installing cannicals stuff really you guys should fork your code from canonical it’s solid stuff. I’ve talked to many gnu Linux user who sware that manjaro is ■■■■ but tbh if you wanted to prove them wrong stop forking arch Linux stuff and fork ubuntus packages.


You do know you sound like you have no idea what you are talking about, right ?

Manjaro is based on Arch. Ubuntu != Arch != Fedora. We will never be based on ubuntu.
If you want to use ubuntu … go use it.


Dense or Troll ? … always the most fun game.


What I meant is use arch Linux as a base but for the dbus and some of the desktop environment stuff make pkgbuilds of the stuff in launchpad tbh I love manjaro but the little UI stuff that cannot ever work on it makes me sad…

I love manjaro but some of cannonicals UI stuff is wonderful I hope that we can find a solution


I think there’s a fork of the unity desktop in the AUR if you miss Ubuntu.


That would be really nice

Tbh gnome is ok too I just like how ubuntus dock is got the extra badge icons for messaging apps and the progress bars but I’m trying to figure out the right way to implement them on manjaro


Come on dude.

Pretty amateur trolling effort here … you showed your hand too quickly. You gotta slow play it if you want to suck more people in.

This alias is burned now, better luck next time if you decide to try a new alias.



I don’t make alts only stupid mistakes if you saw me on Discord I’ve never made an alt

Only if I knew what I need to patch or install to make it work I’d be happy I wonder if just writing a custom api to invoke the feature would work but I’m not a coder