Possibility support for Beelink GT-KING II?

Is it possible to use Manjaro-ARM on tv boxes(A311D2-T7) like Beelink GT-KING II ? Is this possible in the future?
Hope there is a Test or Dev version, I am willing to test it!
Thank you!

Hello and welcome to the forum.

At the moment no.

Yes in future but not anytime soon.

There is no test version also. A311D2 is a completely new soc and will take few years to get its drivers written in mainline kernel.

So maybe we can look at it somewhere in 2023 if kernel drivers are available…

Thank you for asking.

Thank you! spikerguy for your kind and detailed reply.
It seems very difficult to achieve that, but there is one thing I am curious about: The CoreELEC team has released the new Dev version of CoreELEC with A311D2 being supported, and another vendor Khadas has brought Ubuntu support for this board.
I am wondering if there is any clue to combine their work with this project to make a usable manjaro image for this device?

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They use legacy/old kernel as BSP which needs custom dependencies to compile. It uses proprietary driver blob/binaries to make things work. Hence no mainstream linux os works on this soc yet, just like Manjaro, Official Ubuntu or Official Debian.

It is possible but the amount of time and effort it will take would be very high and it will never be streamlined or can never be used for future updates. they is the reason it is better to use mainline linux kernel.

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Thank you again for the informative answers.

Yes, indeed. The kernel version of those images is quite old 5.4.125 by comparing to mainstream Linux, to be honest: I am worried about some new features of Linux will not be supported.

Understood. It is not worth doing such things. And thanks for pointing this out!

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