Possibility of Manjaro ARM on JingPad A1?

It seems the Jingling is either dead or on it’s way out, not responding to support requests etc. So, how possible is it to get my favourite distro running on it? Ubuntu Touch currently have a build for it but I’m unsure as to the effort it would take to get Manjaro running.

Is this something I could possibly help with or contribute to it’s development specifically?

I have a spare JingPad so willing to help testing etc as well.

Possible using halium only but not possible with mainline support.

If there is any developer who have the device and know how to get manjaro running using halium then they can try and contribute it to the project.

For the official Manjaro Arm team, we do not have the needed hardware and nor the time to look into that atm.

Thank you for your offer, you can do it.

Please join @manjaroonhalium at telegram there ,all the Manjaro ARM development on Halium is discussed.


Hi @spikerguy,

Thanks for the reply, I will check there.

Kind regards,