PortAudio library issue with new alsa-lib 1.1.7



I’ve noticed some issue with portaudio after updates, applications which uses this library don’t play sound to pulseaudio eg. Audacity now works only with hw:0,1.
I check on 3 machines with different hardware and it look like real issue.

Applications not recognizing soundcard correctly

Same exact issue here. Audacity is broken on 3 different machines since updates were installed last week. Cannot play play or record audio. Tried to downgrade Audacity and pulseaudio to previous versions, but it’s still broken.


I’ve found solution for now, downgrade alsa-lib to 1.1.6 and portaudio library is working again.


Same for me. This is a new issue. I get an “error - device not found” when I try and record in Audacity. If I restart my computer I’m be able to record with my external mic, but if I stop the recording, I get the error

I downgraded alsa-lib to 1.1.6 and it still didn’t work. Not sure if I should have restarted my computer after that downgrade…


My issue seems to have been fixed with the 11/7 stable update. In that update, I reinstalled alsa-lib 1.1.7. Perhaps that reinstall did the trick. I’ll keep testing - but my initial tests were a-ok!


yes, downgrade to alsa-lib 1.1.6 solves the issue.
downgraded audacity to 2.2.2-3 too, as 2.3 isn’t really stable yet.


Thanks. My issue wasn’t actually resolved. So I’ll try downgrading audacity.

The issue seems to be that my external mic can’t be shared by two programs. I used an external mic to chat with someone over google hangouts (so when that’s happening, the browser has permission to use the mic), while simultaneously recording myself with Audacity. I can record myself just fine when I’m not connected to the chat. But once I connect to the chat, I get an error in Audacity.

I’ll downgrade Audacity. I’ll also try different kernels.


I’m having the same issue here, but I cleaned my local cache.
Odes anyone downgraded from Arch Linux Archive? Do you know if downgrading alsalib from there is secure?


I also don’t have alsa-lib 1.1.6 in my cache.

I installed Fedora 29 (Xfce spin) on an old laptop. There’s kernel 4.19, alsa-lib 1.1.7, and I can record and play audio in Audacity 2.3.0 without any problems. On my up-to-date Manjaro I cannot even change RecordDevice and PlayDevice in Audacity to “pulse” - it always gets reset back to HDMI. Weird.


Downgrading Audacity solved this for me. Version 2.3 is not stable.


I’m having the same issue.
Wireshark and Audacity can’t play audio on my notebook and desktop. That’s a bit annoying.

alsa-lib downgrade to 1.1.6 fixes this issue for me. Maybe the 1.1.7 was accidentally built with wrong parameters or something?


@fernando_a_martin, I’ve just downgraded alsa-lib from A.L.A.
As root DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 downgrade alsa-lib-1.1.6-1. And my Audacity 2.3 works fine. I can now choose pulse in Recording device and Playback device.


After last Manjaro update, that includes alsalib 1.1.7-2, Audacity has pulse and default options again and sound is working. Polyphone still has sound broken but I can use it’s windows version under wine that works as nicely as the AUR vesion.