Portable persistant manjaro in usb

First of all great forum learned a lot from you guys!
second: I want to create kiosks using manjaro linux… have done so already but this time i must boot from usb drives… i have a lot of old intel nucs that don’t have any ssd/hdd in them… SO i tried to install manjaro linux from usb to other usb… it worked but was soo slow I call it unusable… so my question whats the best way to get persistant manjaro on usb flash drive that runs lets call it not super fast but tolerable and does not kill usb flash drive with write cycles?

here in forum was fost about usb persistant image but link is down… another post suggested to make it with alma? other options?

Hi @vunsb, and welcome!

I believe you’d find this handy:


I cannot say for speed but it is tolerable - and the topic is written with USB in mind. You can of course amend to your use case and skip the encryption part.

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Speed is:

  • Booting time is dependent on USB-Port 2/3 (with USB3 it is faster than my hdd has been)
  • also read-speed of the stick (USB2/3)
  • Writing is as fast as USB can be
  • working is reasonable fast because of using RAM-disk

Andreas :footprints:

Anyone serious about ‘usb sticks’ to install an OS on search for external usb mini pcie M.2 NVME drive. Ultrafast usb (3, 3.2, 4), large capacity and much more dependable memory, smallest are about the size of a zippo.

Open Intel Nuc, insert an SSD, install Manjaro on SSD.
Manjaro doesn’t support persistent USB OOTB.