Pop up window "You can remove device" does not show up

The window “You can remove the device” does not show up.
It this normal ?
I am using a fat32 formatted USB stick to transfer data from Linux to Windows.
Dolphin detects the USB stick and I can mount the stick normally.

Do you mean you don’t get the option in the “Disk & Devices” tray icon?

Or rather you click “Safely Remove” but it doesn’t pop up a confirmation that it completely successfully?

The pop up windows on the right hand side of he task bar does not occur.

Printing did not function properly.

I made a clean reinstall.

I think it’s to do with some KDE updates. I noticed the same peculiarity when I tried to reproduce your issue.

I was still able to eject/mount the USB device from Dolphin, but the “Safely Remove” tray icon is a hit-or-miss. :confused:

I have the same, not a big deal, though.

@Keruskerfuerst, did this issue really disappear after re-installation?

The problems with printing and KDE desktop disappear after new installation.

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My own experience of this…

Mount the drive in the tray icon, you can unmount/remove from the tray icon.
Mount the drive in dolphin/maybe elsewhere, nothing happens if you try to unmount/remove it in tray icon.

Probably a KDE bug.

An update about the bug report and fix at the bottom of this post.

The KDE desktop? Do you mean the Plasma widgets in general? What about this specific issue with the “Safely Remove” tray icon?

While not a crippling bug, it still removes the “polish” from the overall experience, and it’s not a good look for new users, especially those coming from Windows. It can even be confusing if you rely on the tray icon to manage your removable devices, and not have to open up Dolphin every time to reassure yourself “Wait, so was it ejected?”

Going to try to reproduce it in a predictable pattern to file a bug report with upstream KDE.

UPDATE: This is a known bug in KDE: 438874 – Disk & Devices applet doesn't show USB removable devices and SD cards after disconnecting and re-connecting them

A patch that fixes this, will naturally arrive in the near future among the updated KDE packages. :+1: Good news for everyone!

Here is the commit: Update solid connectedSources when a new source gets added by hotplug (61e2ea23) · Commits · Plasma / Plasma Workspace · GitLab


I have written a bug report already.



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