Poor graphics performance after kernel update

Just pulled down the update 12-06 update to kernel 6.0.11 and I’m getting awful performance now in Terria (native) on steam. Gave the game a chance to settle in and do whatever shader compiling it had to do and still terrible. Ran fine when on 6.0.8 before, and still runs well on 5.15.81-1 that I have installed.

Active kernels 6.0.11-1, 5.15.81-1
Running a Ryzen 5700G on the integrate graphics, 16GB ram

Any ideas or help troubleshooting what is going on?

CPU governor switched to powersave and wouldn’t ramp up. Couldn’t say if cpupower-gui/cpupower wasn’t reading its setting file correctly at boot or what. Removed cpupower-gui and correct governor starting getting set at boot again.

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