Poor display of certain apps on Xfce

I just switched from KDE to Xfce, and I noticed that certain apps don’t look good on Xfce. Examples: VirtualBox and Okular. I think it is the non-GTK apps. The font is small and a little blurry, and the general appearance is unappealing.
Is there anything to do about it?

See if you have qt5ct installed, as well as kvantum-qt5. Use those to select a different theme and/or adjust font sizes for KDE/Qt applications.


Thanks. I have those packages installed. Can you maybe point me to a wiki or tutorial or thread discussing how to configure KDE/Qt applications using those tools?

The Arch Wiki has some tutorials that might help:

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Kvantum GUI is available from the main Xfce settings menu, and it’s easy enough to choose a different theme or make various tweaks using the GUI.

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