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Hey there, I'm using manjaro openbox. I like top-bar(polybar) but it is a bit big for me. How can I scale and remove some additional features like battery percantage and processor usage?(red section in photo) screenshot_20191011-133652_1366x768|690x387

Hi :slight_smile:

Config files are in ~/.config/polybar/ directory.
Panel height, font size etc settings are stored in master.conf and modules (battery, core use and so on) you can find in config on the bottom and modules.conf (comment or uncomment if you want to use it or non).


Yeah. I scaled now. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

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i am trying to change the height of the polybar because u can c the wallpaper on top a little do i change the height in master/config?

Hi @pnotz17 :slight_smile:
If I understand correct you're talking about offset-x in master.conf

yes i already fixed the polybar offset-y = 0 now i am having a problem with the mouse cursor theme not changing it changes onlyy in chromium and not the desktop......

Did you logout after changing theme?

yes rebooted

the others do the same thing the defaults there not working on the desktop or thunar but in chromium they do

thunar was given me error under sudo privligies too i think i fixed that

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