[poll] Cinnamon default panel style

Since their 19.1 release, Linuxmint's Cinnamon edition ships with an updated default configuration of the panel which they call the 'modern style'.
The main difference is the introduction of the grouped window list applet instead of the conventional list, where every individual window had its separate entry in the panel.
Also their panel is now higher and icons on the left side are larger than on the right side.

Since there have been some requests to mirror this setup in the Manjaro-Cinnamon edition I would like to find out how the sentiment among Cinnamon users in our community is about this.

As a third option I am considering to keep the traditional window list (which still is my personal preference) but adopt the taller panel and bigger icons, since I do agree this looks more up-to-date for some reason.
Here's how the 'modern' style would look like:

and this is what we used to have:

  • keep 'traditional style'
  • introduce 'modern style'
  • use taller panel/icons but keep regular window list

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@oberon unintentionally I gave my vote in an option I didn't want, I wanted to vote in the modern style
I want to change my vote :sob:

noted. but cannot edit :wink:

I am not a Cinnamon user at the moment, but have been in the past with Mint. When it comes time to re-purpose this current computer for general household computing duties, Manjaro Cinnamon will be installed for my parents.

My vote is from that perspective because they find it easier to use the traditional style, and given their age would appreciate the taller panel icons. It is also partially from my own preference since i don't like the "modern style's" grouped icons even in my present KDE desktop.

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I will just say that for me personally, the best option is the modern style, I just love it
In any case, that can be easily changed in the panel options

I wont vote since I havent used cinnamon for some time ..

I will just drop 2 cents - I think that the 'traditional' style is more accessible/familiar to more people. Whereas the 'modern' style can be easily achieved by those who would like it.


When I was using Windows full time, I always turned off window grouping. I personally hate having to click more than once to get to a window I want. I think giving the users the option is the best choice.


If you click the Hide Results you should be able to choose a different selection.


I changed mine by hiding results and choosing again, bug?

I'm a dual KDE + Cinnamon user [& today is Cinnamon Day]. In Plasma i hate the grouped Task Manager widget [Icons-only TM] & always replace it with the traditional Task Manager [whose config allows the option to auto-group when space becomes tight, & also to manually group on-demand]. This is much better for me as a control freak. Hence in Cinnamon i like approximating that kind of behaviour, thus generally don't favour Mint's modern style coz it limits my options too much. My current suite of Cinnamon extensions gives me a pleasant desktop experience, & in any new Cinnamon release i'd probably strive to overturn any unsuitable defaults with something like the following, as best i could.

$ ls -h
calendar@cinnamon.org		    sound@cinnamon.org
download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf  sticky@scollins
expo@cinnamon.org		    sysmonitor@orcus
grouped-window-list@cinnamon.org    temperature@fevimu
menu@cinnamon.org		    uptime@vatanuki.kun
notifications@cinnamon.org	    weather@mockturtl
power@cinnamon.org		    window-list@cinnamon.org
scale@cinnamon.org		    windowlist@cobinja.de
sessionManager@scollins		    window-list@zeripath.sdf-eu.org
show-desktop@cinnamon.org	    workspace-grid@hernejj
show-hide-applets@mohammad-sn	    workspace-switcher@cinnamon.org

My suspicion is that my tastes will be in the minority, & maybe many current or future Cinnamonners would like the modern style.


:scream: It's not a bug! It's a feature!


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Man, I'm so happy to see this poll here. I love the modern style. Mint had the same kind of survey with it's users. I think their solution was great, they let the "modern style" as default but create a single toggle on the first boot that let's user change it to the "old style".


Yes. Writing a little switch like that would also be a possibility.
I would just maybe keep the taller icons in any case and just offer a choice between different window lists.


This 'modern' style is one of my least favourite trends in UI, I like to be able to see the name of my open windows rather than a little dot. I also don't like having to click more than once to get to a window I want. That said it's very easy to change so I don't mind too much what the default is.


in fact the modern style can be configured so that it does not group

In the case of the titles of the windows, I do not like to be displayed, I have always preferred only icons, I feel that I have a little more privacy, when I have the windows minimized
the titles of the windows take up a lot of space, besides I like to anchor many applications, there is room for the notification area, for widgets that I always use, that way I have everything at hand and in a single panel
that's why I like the modern style more

Something good, is that you can change the easy configuration, so everyone can adapt the desktop to their tastes and needs, just wanted to share my opinion :v:

I just sampled the new modern style on another distro. It was clumsy to open a second copy of an app or to reopen the correct window. And when i disabled the grouped window list, the traditional window list didn't work right. Now I know oberon is a miracle worker but without more enhancements, this new thing is kind of lame, IMO. Compact only goes so far if it needs more mouse clicks to get a simple job done.


Here's my solution :wink: :laughing:



Hacker! :scream_cat:

Is there any way to use Modern Style in preinstalled cinnamon from 18.0.4 iso ?

You simply need to adjust your panel like this:

  • Set panel height to 40px
  • left panel zone icon size: 48px
  • right panel zone icon size: 24px
  • remove applets 'panel launcher' and 'window list'
  • add applet 'grouped window list'
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