[POLL] Brave Browser vs. Firefox Twitter Question

I don't have a Twitter account and never will for reasons I won't get into here but I heard that a question was posed about switching from Firefox to the Brave browser as the default browser in Manjaro. I just wanted to put in my vote for sticking with Firefox.

Brave was recently removed from the privacytools.io browser recommendation list due to a number of privacy concerns. This was a controversial move but Firefox continues to be the number one recommended browser by the privacy and security experts I follow who are in the OSINT trenches.

Should Manjaro switch the default browser to Brave Browser?

  • No, keep Firefox
  • Yes, why not! Use Brave

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For anyone interested who doesn't already know about this, here is a link to the Twitter poll: https://twitter.com/ManjaroLinux/status/1194749794851459079

(thanks to @moson for letting me know about this poll)


Iā€™d rather use MS Edge than Brave as a browser!


I can't vote because I don't have a Twitter account but it was extremely refreshing to read all the Twitter comments. I am already experiencing some websites not working with Firefox and when I contact the webmaster they always reply, "Just use Google Chrome."

Google is pushing for a monopoly on how we use the internet and chromium-based browsers like Brave don't make this any better.


Oh man, I'm old! I remember the same problems and discussions relating to M$ Exploder, used as "It's just the standard" by webmasters.
BTW, I too don't have an twitter-account and vote for Firefox.


A good compromise would be to offer a selection in the installer (similar to the office-suite choice) I think. Which would require some development work/time though.

Me neither. I was amazed about the number of votes so far though. ~3000 right now.
A forum poll would result in much less votes I believe.


Would have been nice to also have a forum poll if that's possible. Those of use concerned about privacy and security most likely don't have Twitter accounts.


Try searching the forum for brave - you will be surprised to find at least two threads - one pro and one con. The discussion was quite heated if I remember correct.

While my opinion does not count - if it did matter - I would say no.

There is no security - I mean, privacy protection using any browser - but Firefox is the better choice considering the alternatives.


I installed it last night to give it a go - can't see the harm - as I use a mixture of Firefox, Opera & Chrome already - seems light & friendly - always willing to try new things, haven't quite had the opportunity to put it through its paces - but will this weekend.

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The implementation of such choice section would not be a big issue.

The problem with the approach is the ISO grows in size as the apps are included in the mhwd filesystem. The office selection is an example because the selection is meant to work off-line.

So the packages needed for both libreoffice and free-office is included in the ISO so the choice is a trade-off between convenience and internet connection for downloading the choice.




In order to keep the ISO small, one leaves out best all Office and Web browser packages, then everyone can install themselves as desired.


It only takes a second to install Brave after install if someone really wants to use it.


I think it should be available in the repos, but not the default browser. Firefox should remain the browser of choice. At least can we choose a non-chromium based browser?


non chromium and non firefox are hard to find
which work as desired.
others are just webkitbased which in turn is somewhat chromium.

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Current status:

Note: I'm not sure if this is really the number of votes as a percentage, but it looks like (at least it is kind of hidden by default) :wink:


Yepp, that's it.


I dont trust anything developed by or for Google. The base is Google on Brave.


the web needs to remain open having yet another distro pre-install chrome will only strengthen google's monopoly thus far firefox remains the best option to protect your privacy and the internet


You're right and that's one of the causes why I'm back on Firefox from my time with qutebrowser. Though I still wish I would get back something with all the features of vimperator/pentadactyl.

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long time FF user, not a fan of chromium based browsers, especially Brave for the controversies mentioned in those threads and other places

FF wayland works nicely, lately I also used Epiphany, it syncs with FF and I enjoy the clean GUI. :slight_smile:

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