Polari instead of Hexchat as default IRC option?

Let me begin by saying that I like a certain amount of polish in my Linux installation. I'm aware that this is a somewhat unpopular opinion, but I do prioritise functionality—it's just, I'd rather have both if possible. I'm sure that other Deepin users feel similarly.

I'm also a fairly heavy IRC user (my nickname tends to be dilaudid, a popular Tscherman brand of hydromorphone tablets). Which is why I found myself puzzled to see HexChat as the default IRC app—sure, it does what it was meant to do, but it's Ugly with a capital "Ug". Sure, I said the same thing about Pamac, but I can now correct myself: it's mismatched, not ugly, and it looks great under Kwin. HexChat can't be made "flush" with Deepin under any circumstances.

Anyway, I looked into other graphical IRC clients (I use ERC under Emacs otherwise), and the one that jumped out at me was Polari. It jibes well with the Deepin UI/UX, it's functional, and it doesn't leave new users grasping at air the way HexChat does. I know there's a tendency to preserve what works well in Manjaro, but given the ISO release freeze, maybe it might be time to reëvaluate?

@oberon @ant feel free to chime in here.

I don't use any IRC so I have no opinion, other than its got to look good :wink: yeah that would be up to @oberon

For your perusal (using Kwin):


Note the shadow, and how the second of the two really doesn't look like a Deepin app.

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By comparison, this is ERC running in an Emacs sesh:

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