Pointer and laptop logo blinks continuously after update

After the update, When I restarted my system, my pointer, and laptop logo flicker. I also try to go to the TTK login window but it doesn’t switch me to that. It pops for first sight and then flicker starts again.

So, I tried booting up using an installation media, mounted the drives, and gone to chroot. I run the updates again, reinstalled Nvidia drivers, and also reinstalled Lightdm manager.
But the problem hasn’t gone away.

X -configure

Does it helps?

I don’t know what flicker means, but if it’s visual glitch, then you’re fucked. It means possibly hardware or driver error. Maybe your GPU is not from universe we’re living in now.

Try something like switching terminal, if problem continues. If you’ve got different terminal non flickering, it’s X problem.

GPU is from this universe. Its GeForce GTX 1050ti. It doesn’t seem like a visual glitch. There is no issue with hardware because I have dual-booted my laptop and windows works fine (Like as such display works fine). See the video here(See the last part of the video, Initially, the grub menu is also not shown). I shouldn’t have to use the word flicker here. It should be blinking.