Plymouth (plymouth-24.004.60-10) warning

WARNING: The ‘plymouth-encrypt’ and ‘sd-plymouth’ hooks are depreciated. You should replace them with ‘encrypt’ and ‘plymouth’ hooks in your ‘mkinitcpio.conf’. The ‘lxdm-plymouth.service’, ‘lightdm-plymouth.service’ and ‘sddm-plymouth.service’ systemd service files are no longer recommended. You should enable ‘lxdm.service’, ‘lightdm.service’ or ‘sddm.service’ instead.

Is it normal ?

Yes, this was on the desktop a couple of months ago. It is a general warning for everyone, you may not have any of these but checking will not hurt. Otherwise at some point you will not be able to boot anymore.

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Yes. If you are using the mentioned hooks you need to update your mkinitcpio.conf.

pacman -Qo /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
/etc/mkinitcpio.conf is owned by mkinitcpio 39.2-2

I have never updated this file manuallly.
And I cannot see any line in mkinitcpio.conf that are faulty.