Plymouth is back?


Hello Manjaro team ! So Plymouth is back in repos ( yes i know that date of package is 7 December but i just recently noticed that :slight_smile: Does this mean that you will stop adding bootsplash theme or its just freedom of choice for graphical boot handler ?( I mean you can use what you want). I remember that its was removed back in June


Let’s hope they keep the bootsplash code in the kernel. Seems like a cleaner solution than Plymouth.


I’m pretty sure plymouth is just ‘in the repos’ … I would be quite surprised if it was going to be implemented by default again.


It never left the Manjaro repositories, it’s only there as support for those users still running on older installs that still had plymouth. Manjaro now supports bootsplash for this.


If you want something in official colours :wink:


just installed it, nice and clean, i like it. :+1:

the install directions on github

  • cd manjaro-bootsplash-maia <— cd bootsplash-manjaro-maia

  • run chmod +x bootsplash-manjaro-maia <—missing .sh

  • run makepkg -s to create an Arch package and install it with pacman -U $package_name

i didnt know how to properly pacman -U $package_name :disappointed:, so makepkg -sci worked just fine :relieved:


Thx for the heads-up. I’ll update the Readme. I’m glad you like it. :grin:


Just checked out this theme.Awesome work.