Plex Media Player for Manjaro ARM

I'm new to Manjaro arm so, don't be harsh on me.
I'm using Manjaro ARM on Rpi 4. I've installed Manjaro kde few days ago to check usb booting and , guys, THANK YOU. Manjaro kde is working on rpi4 so smooth, man can believe full 64 os experience on this small device.
So, to the subject. I have plex media server on xpenology using on all my home devices and sharing with several friends. On Raspbian I'm using Kodi with plex add-on and everything plays with no transcoding on the server side. On Manjaro ARM I'm using plex-mpv-shim installed with the help of the author (Thanks iwalton3). Surprisingly it's working very good. Even it can play some hevc 10 bit files ( not all) without hw acc (system use 100%).
So my question is : has anybody find a way to tweak mpv to use hardware decoding on manjaro arm? And I know the 32 bit drivers are out of business here. Waiting for 64 bit platform from Raspbian is one of options but it might take too long.
Please don't tell me to dual boot to Libreelec, I have that.

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Any Plex users on Manjaro ARM?

It is good practice to cover one issue per topic

The program pkgbuild don't have aarch64 in arch=() array and need to be added there

Comment from mpv-rpi AUR pkgbuild:

[...] you need the newest ffmpeg-git (for mmal, built like ffmpeg-mmal)

ffmpeg-mmal and mpv-rpi in AUR are for 32bit OS only as 64 bit OS does not support hardware decoding yet or MMAL. Even if it did it will not work using mesa's V3D like we have as it uses llvmpipe (framebuffer mode).

A side note I have messed with these packages in the past on a 32bit OS and mpv-rpi does work but not as good as omxplayer. Omxplayer accesses the gpu directly at the gpu hardware level and mpv-mmal accesses the gpu at a higher level (Multimedia Access Layer). Think of it like nvidia's driver as to the opensource nouveau driver.


@Lolix, Thank you for your interest in topic. I've looked in pointed topics, not that I understand everything, but, for sure I will try to learn more, cause I have plenty of free time now.
@Darksky Actually we are waiting for situation development on Raspberry Pi OS side.


So, like I said. I'm using Manjaro arm on RPI4 for maintain my xpenology NAS . Tiny Media Manager for renaming and metadata plus other tools for Sybology. I have Synology on two Intel based PC's. (NAS and backup of NAS)
Plex Media Server is running on RPI4, There are experienced users on Plex forums, but, personally I don't have experience on that.

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Just updated Raspbian 64 bit, there was an update for VLC. Now VLC is playing Hevc video.

How to install plex-mpv-shim:
install pip packaging system
sudo pacman -Sy python-pip
sudo pacman -Sy tk
sudo pip install plex-mpv-shim
sudo pip3 install plex-mpv-shim pystray

start plex-mpv-shim:
sudo plex-mpv-shim

Goto Plex web app, select cast to plex-mpv shim

You can set transcoding options in preferemces if your's server support transcoding (hw)
while playing movie in mpv us "c" on keyboard for preferences, "f" - full screen, "q" - quit ...etc

Don't use sudo pip on your system. It will result in file conflicts down the road!

can you elaborate, please?

If you use sudo pip, it will install python files, without pacman knowing about it.

So at some point in the future a package from pacman is going to provide the same files, and it will complain, saying that the files already exists on the filesystem.

If you do wanna use pip, use it with --user instead.

O.K. Thank you for clarification.

There is some progre on dsm on raspberry Pi here .

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I also opened a ticket on this. I can only really get Vivaldi browser up and running with hardware acceleration to use Plex Web. But, of course, with no full screen TV experience, my remote doesn't work too well. You end up using the air mouse. To be able to use it as a TV, I have to install Kodi and then Plex-for-Kodi. That isn't a really good solution either because the Plex-for-kodi isn't a true Plex Media Player app so you lose a lot of functionality. I end up having to send IPTV directly to Kodi.

Anywho. Plex-media-player is open source. I try weekly to compile it on my pi4 and can't get through it. If anyone with a few more firing brain cells than myself would be kind enough to run through a successful compile and publish the steps, I would love them forever.

Hey guys,

I've found the best way to play Plex on the Raspberry Pi 4 is either with VLC DNLA (you need to enable in VLC and Plex server settings) and Kodi.

I would recommend VLC though. But Kodi Plex add-on does get the job done. VLC does it very well though on the Pi 4.

Yep, if you play only H264 and no H265 10 bit files.

Hey, Strict gave me instructions to get the Aur version of plex-media-player to install.

Did you try it?
Suppose there is no hw acc, but good start.

I've been using it for a few days. I am not pro enough to be able to tell if there is HW acc. 1080p is working fine and does push my CPU up to 80%. I can't get 4k to play without maxing it out, so I may not be using HW acc. But I just appreciate being able to use live TV and run it windowed, a total step up over KODI.

Correct. I do. h264 and AAC, almost my entire library has that encoding. @smilenkovski

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