Plex doesn't boot new Pi 4

I am totally new and a beginner.
I have just bought new Pi 4b 4gb. I decided to try out Manjaro Plex as the OS. I used etcher to flash onto microSD (32gb). I also created in Boot folder an SSH file and a wpa_supplicant.conf.

Powered Pi and inserted SD firstly tried to connect via SSH on laptop Putty couldn't find it. Then tried via HDMI into TV monitor. Nothing. Power is on red & green but no life evident from SD.

I have other Pis and have never had this problem. Have I missed something blindingly obvious or ?

I would appreciate your help.

What image did you download?

Thanks bootx64.efi from manjaro-kde-18.1.5-191229-linux54


18.1.x seems like a pretty old build. May not be compatible with RPi4. Iā€™m running Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-rpi4-19.12.img.xz and have no issues.

Thanks Nidua a clue also seems to be the RPI4 in your image name. If Strit agrees maybe I should wipe the current SD and start again from the image you mention.

That will not work on a raspberry pi.

You need to download one of the rpi4 images in our download section:

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Strit. Thanks I am glad it is that straightforward. Appreciate the link


Hmm re-flashed SD with recommended image. Loaded up PI but monitor goes berserk lots of flashing lines then blank. I have no view of whether Pi has loaded or not and are there specific monitor configuration requirements?
I have just bought a 7" touch monitor for the pi but can't install that without PC HDMI monitor to put in sudo instructions. Bit Catch 22

Any ideas please welcome

It was a faulty HDMI. Now loaded time to explore

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