Please update linux-aml package

I use Manjaro ARM on AMLogic TV boxes like the X96 Max+ and the X96 Air Q1000. If I want to get the onboard wifi working on these, I have to install the linux-aml kernel but there are two issues with this at present.

The linux-aml package is currently 5.13. It has working wifi but it also suffers HDMI issues - my screen is all green. This is the case on both my X96 Max+ and my X96 Air Q1000.

Looking at the commit log for this kernel:

It would seem the linux-aml kernel has been updated to 5.15 but the binary packages in both stable and unstable are still 5.13.

As a workaround until/if linux-aml gets updated in the Manjaro repos, AMlogic TV box users can download my 5.12 kernel packages from here which features working HDMI and wifi but no working onboard bluetooth or onboard audio (except HDMI). I’m not sure what broke with the integrated bluetooth support.

linux-aml is depreciated and split into linux-khadas and linux-odroid

Both from the respected vendor patches.

Please try any one and see if everything works fine for your device.

I cannot maintain linux-aml as the source I used is from Christian Hewitt and he uses his work for upstreaming amlogic support and his source is mostly for testing.

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Ah yes! You had previously told me about linux-odroid. I’ve tested it on both my X96 boxes now and ethernet and wifi are working on both when using meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb so full marks! I shall update the AMlogic TV box wiki page as required.

Thanks spikerguy!

I have updated the TV box wiki page to recommend installing the linux-odroid kernel if you want to use onboard wifi.

Is there not a Manjaro ARM TV box installer that uses linux-odroid by default?

The Odroid HC4 images seems to.

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I think the HC4 has a different boot process to the TV boxes, spikerguy?

I think I tried the HC4 image before on my X96 and had no luck.

Yes all Odroid devices have their own boot method.

Now the generic images for amlogic are ugoos and beelink versions.

I have moved khadas devices to mainline uboot already.



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That’s what I thought was the case, just wanted to check.

Thanks Spikerguy!

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