Please skip thunderbird 102.7.0 in forthcoming update

Thunderbird 102.7.0 breaks oauth2. Ubuntu has already been burned. Thunderbird developers are aware (1810760 - Data in Origin header breaks Microsoft oAuth authentication) and 102.7.1 that should fix the issue is round the corner. Please do not inflict 102.7.0 to the Manjaro users :wink:

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thunderbird is currently taken/inherited directly from Arch and though flagged out of date it hasn’t been updated (or even committed to Arch testing) yet.

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Should info about the opportunity to skip 102.7.0 be passed to arch then? Doing so opening a task would be appropriate in you opinion or is there some discussion space for arch that would be better suited?

According to this thread, Thunderbird 102.7.0’s release has been completely halted until 102.7.1 is ready. And the bug report was only from Ubuntu users, so it seems that Snap is the only platform that got burned.

It seems you’re getting a little ahead of yourself.

… only for Microsoft 365 Enterprise accounts.

Version 102.7.0 is now available…

…in the Manjaro unstable branch…

…to allow unaffected users to choose to update and benefit from the fixes it delivers.

A solution to the authentication issue will ship with version 102.7.1, releasing during the week of January 23.

Important: Thunderbird 102.7.0 And Microsoft 365 Enterprise Users

EDIT: Was waiting for the inevitable Arch bug report, here it is:
FS#77208 - thunderbird - OAuth2 authentication not working for Microsoft 365 Enterprise accounts

EDIT 2: It’s now fixed with 102.7.0-2.

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