Please make a package "linux-latest" or something

I have to install the new kernel by hand every time there is a kernel version jump. Please make a package “linux-latest” which automatically installs the last stable kernel.

Please read this


There is a notifier package that automatically tells you when there is a new kernel available, all you have to do is install it, works perfectly for me

Manjaro Notifier Settings

There was meta packages like that in the past (linux-lts and linux-latest), they have been removed for reasons the Manjaro team had. I don’t think they will add back the packages they decided to remove.

Install a LTS kernel so you don’t have to follow kernels life cycle. Or just install new kernel as they come, it is not really often.

As already pointed out - such package did exist.

If was deprecated because there were too many complaints that an archstyle rolling kernel often lead to system issues on sync.

Especially it took toll on the forum when guiding new users to switch to named kernel instead of linux-lts or linux-latest.

This did not fit into the Manjaro philosophy of providing stabliblity on stable branch.

I wasn’t involved in the decision making but I back it 100% because kernel change should be an active informed choice by the user and based on available supported kernels.

Just as a footnote - the username @professionallinuxexp has a bad ring when one look over your questions/issues - those do not carry the impression of any kind of profesionalism as implied the username.


All good, I didn’t know there was anything like this before. :slight_smile: