Please include Redshift (or equivalent) as default in future releases

Hi there. I have been using Manjaro for about 8 years and love it. I think it would be a welcome & healthy addition to the Distro to have Redshift or similar app as default, to protect peoples eyes. I have struggled to get a version working on my machine & would love to see this in a future release. Maybe there are reasons why it’s not included already. Thanks to the whole team for all it’s great work. Manjaro rocks! Thanks, Ruziel

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Gnome and KDE both have this functionality without Redshift. Which DE are you using?


Having it installed by default isn’t going to make it magically work if it’s already not working for you. Are you using redshift in the community repo? Either way, open a #support thread if you need help.


If you are using KDE Plasma as your desktop, just go into System Settings => Display and Monitor => Night Color. If it does not set your location automatically, you can easily get your coordinates to enter manually by opening the address on Google Maps & right clicking on the location.


Thanks everyone for your replies. I am using Xfce. I think I have finally got redshift working - I am using redshift-gtk-git. Much appreciated, Ruziel…


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