Please help to change IP of in white list

Please help them to sync their mirror, they haven't synchronized their mirror since June 4th.

To Manjaro team ,

This is FSLab team at NCHC(National Center for High-performance
Computing) from Taiwan and provide Manjaro mirror service via .
Due to our server IP changed , we got a access deny form upstream
(rsync:// ).
Would you please help to change the follow IP information into white list :
IPv4 :
IPv6 : 2001:e10:2000:240:266e:96ff:fe2a:1f65

More info:
Bandwidth : 10G
Service : http(s) , ftp, rsync

Thanks for your help n advanced !!


Chenkai (Ceasar) Sun

@philm @Ste74 @oberon

Any progress?

+1 here, please help my most used repo:sob::sob::sob:

I cant really do anything about it.
And right now the people who can are away, as far as I know.
I'm sure they will get to it when they can.

Anyone? It has been 681:44 since the last sync.

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